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Our Commitment Doesn’t End with the Delivery of Your Final Name

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Many of them reach out to express their gratitude for receiving straight registered trademarks or share the positive impact our names have had on their businesses.

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Mayank Aggarwal_bizonym
Mayank Aggarwal founder of, an application for preparation of Chartered Accountancy Exam

I really loved the service offered by Ankur. Name is the most important part of any business. The name PrepCA has really helped us stand out, as the name is a single word with a strong significance – It means “Preparation for CA”, and our team members and users love it.

Owner Rajesh_bizonym
Rajesh Owner Max Power.

Our clients know us by the name of Max power since a decade, we are well known suppliers of laptop charger and batteries. We wanted a brand name that gets registered in class 9 and starts with the word “Max”. Amongst other options, Ankur coined the name “Maxelon” for us, which is now registered in class 9. We got the domain name Hire Ankur for any challenging naming project, he will deliver!

Meenal Founder Tranziam, an Image consulting and corporate training organization

We received a list of 10 fantastic names, each one being thematically different. We really liked 3 out of these 10 names. The one that we liked the most, got cleared by the Registrar of companies in one go! We got the domain as well.

Iqbal Founder Semnox and Nextrel

Ankur is my go-to guy when it comes to naming my ventures and products. He pays attention to the requirements and comes up with superb options every time. I have placed 3 orders with him in the past 2 years and will use his expertise in future as well. Highly recommended!

Divyank Owner Hill Star Mineral Water

We wanted a simple brand name for our mineral water brand, that has trademark available in class 32. Ankur came up with a very basic name “Hill Star”, which is what we were looking for. Everyone can easily speak, understand and remember the name. We got a registered trademark without any objection.

Sandeep Owner Kensole footwear

We received amazing options for our footwear brand name within a week. The finalized name “Kensole” is now registered in class 25 and we also got the domain for it. The project was worth every penny.

Keshav Gupta_bizonym
Keshav Gupta Owner Cladien and Sojanyas

We did two projects with Ankur in Dec 2015. Both our western wear brand (Cladien) and ethnic wear brand (Sojanya) are now registered in class 25, and we own and I highly recommend Bizonym® consulting for any kind of brand naming service.

Preetam Founder of Vitrics Glass, Kenovis, Finaxo and Amalgus.

We have done 4 projects with Bizonym® and have always received excellent name options. Ankur is a great guy to work with. He is versatile and possesses a very thorough knowledge of his subject..

testimonial img 9_bizonym
A collage making software application, Singapore

Highly recommended! I am truly amazed that Ankur delivered my work within few days and provided me with very insightful info about the world of SEO and domain names. I feel like I just received a top-notch, thousand dollar worth of management consultancy service from him. Will hire him again definitely!

Your satisfaction and ongoing success drive us to continue doing what we excel at - Memorable Business, Brand & Product Naming.
Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering Your Decision-Making with Clear Answers

We strive to deliver names that resonate with your vision and objectives. While it is rare for clients not to find a suitable name from our presented options, we understand personal preferences can vary.

If you're not satisfied, we offer a discussion call and provide feedback-based revised names, tailored to the pricing package you select. Our goal is to help you finalize a name that truly represents your business, although unlimited revisions cannot be guaranteed.

As much as our naming consultants excel at crafting names with a high chance of trademark registration, guaranteeing this is beyond our control. We conduct thorough research to match names phonetically and exactly with existing registered or applied trademarks.

While our ever-growing portfolio showcases our success, Bizonym® cannot guarantee future trademark registration within 6-18 months. We are committed to providing you with exceptional name options that significantly increase the likelihood of successful trademark registration.

At Bizonym®, we pour our time, effort, and expertise into every business naming project. Our clients understand that engaging our services is an intentional choice and, therefore, we do not have a refund policy in place. We start each project by exploring the top three available business names you've brainstormed, ensuring we deliver superior and better options.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and will work closely with you to achieve outstanding results.

Our pricing packages include suggesting names that are available in terms of trademarks, domain names (at base price or premium price), and ROC and MCA availability for company registration. We provide you with pronounceable, acquirable, and relevant business name suggestions.

However, domain registration is a separate responsibility that lies with your organization. You can book and maintain your chosen domain through a domain registrar of your preference.

Please refer to our comprehensive company naming process for additional details. Please also note that our pricing packages do not include company or trademark registration fees.

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