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Your company name is the most densely packed sales pitch you are ever going to have. It ought to be impactful.

Why successful businesses invest in their company names and how a great company name will benefit you?

Your company name speaks volumes about your vision and mission. It is possible that a number of people are providing similar products and/or services as you are. What helps you stand out? What will your clients first notice about your company? What will stay the same, even when everything (employees, offices, products, services) changes? – It’s your company name.

Your company name is the first thing that your customers will hear from you when you meet them or call them. It’s a permanent choice that you will soon be making. It should be unique, easy to pronounce and spell, meaningfully derived, aligned to your values, vision and mission, available with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) and most importantly it should be available with a short and memorable domain name, preferably a .com.
Your website address and official email IDs shouldn’t be like ALongUnreadableSentence. They should be easy to type on smartphones. Facebook bought for Rs 56 Crores. Standard Chartered Bank has, Lufthansa has got, Hewlett Packard has, British Airways has, American Airlines has, Reliance acquired These are not something that they got by fluke.They have invested crores of rupees in their names so that it’s easy for their customers to remember – e.g. (Which is better than or, or
I can help you get a great company name, which is available for RoC registration and with short and memorable domain names. A unique company name, that is easy for your clients to spell, pronounce and remember, can modestly improve your sales by 5-10% and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 10-30% -- Now that’s something worth investing in! Ankur Varshney - Founder and Naming Consultant @Bizonym

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Your clients and investors will foremost evaluate your company by its name. First impressions last.
A unique company name with an easy domain name moves you a step closer to your customers. If it’s easy to pronounce, spell and recall, you can expect a higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).
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I really loved the service offered by Ankur. Name is the most important part of any business. The name PrepCA has really helped us stand out, as the name is a single word with a strong significance – It means “Preparation for CA”, and our team members and users love it.

- Mayank Aggarwal, founder of, an application for preparation of Chartered Accountancy Exam

We received a list of 10 fantastic names, each one being thematically different. We really liked 3 out of these 10 names. The one that we liked the most, got cleared by the Registrar of companies in one go! We got the domain as well.

- Meenal, Founder Tranziam, an Image consulting and corporate training organization.

Ankur is my go-to guy when it comes to naming my ventures and products. He pays attention to the requirements and comes up with superb options every time. I have placed 3 orders with him in the past 2 years and will use his expertise in future as well. Highly recommended!

- Iqbal, Founder Semnox and Nextrel.

We did two projects with Ankur in Dec 2015. Both our western wear brand (Cladien) and ethnic wear brand (Sojanya) are now registered in class 25, and we own and I highly recommend Bizonym consulting for any kind of brand naming service.

- Keshav Gupta, Owner Cladien and Sojanyas

Our clients know us by the name of Max power since a decade, we are well known suppliers of laptop charger and batteries. We wanted a brand name that gets registered in class 9 and starts with the word “Max”. Amongst other options, Ankur coined the name “Maxelon” for us, which is now registered in class 9. We got the domain name Hire Ankur for any challenging naming project, he will deliver!

- Rajesh, Owner Max Power.

We have done 4 projects with Bizonym and have always received excellent name options. Ankur is a great guy to work with. He is versatile and possesses a very thorough knowledge of his subject.

- Preetam, Founder of Vitrics Glass, Kenovis, Finaxo and Amalgus.

Highly recommended! I am truly amazed that Ankur delivered my work within few days and provided me with very insightful info about the world of SEO and domain names. I feel like I just received a top-notch, thousand dollar worth of management consultancy service from him. Will hire him again definitely!

- A collage making software application, Singapore
Pricing Packages
  • Essential
    10 names
    +3+3 Revised Names

    29% off

    Was Rs 41,990/-

    Now Rs 29,990/-

    You Save Rs 12,000/-

    All names Pre-Screened for Trademark, RoC/MCA and/or Domain Availability

    Usually, Self-funded Startups looking for names available in RoC OR Individuals planning to sell goods online, looking for trademarkable name options OR Ecommerce/Mobile App based businesses seeking short and memorable brandable domain names.

  • Standard
    25 Names
    +6+6 Revised Names

    35% off

    Was Rs 84,990/-

    Now Rs 54,990/-

    You Save Rs 30,000/-

    All names Pre-Screened for Trademark, RoC/MCA and/or Domain Availability

    Generally, existing Manufacturing / Trading businesses introducing new brands, products or companies OR Ecommerce/Mobile App based startups looking for relevant domains OR Restaurateurs seeking cuisine and theme specific names.

  • Premium
    50 names
    +10+10 Revised Names

    34% off

    Was Rs 1.49Lacs

    Now Rs 98,500/-

    You Save Rs 50,500/-

    All names Pre-Screened for Trademark, RoC/MCA and/or Domain Availability

    Suitable for established business houses planning to launch a new brand or company OR Hospitals/Schools/Hotels looking for unique & meaningful name options OR Tech Entrepreneurs seeking a memorable domain name, willing to invest in a premium domain name.

  • Ultima
    100 names
    +20+20 Revised Names

    34% off

    Was Rs 2.65Lacs

    Now Rs 1.75Lacs

    You Save Rs 90,000/-

    All names Pre-Screened for Trademark, RoC/MCA and/or Domain Availability

    Appropriate for established business houses looking for trademarkable names for products or brands to be mass marketed e.g. FMCG Giants, Automobile Companies, Well Known OEMs OR VC funded Tech-Startups seeking rare premium domain names.

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