My Clients Most Common Questions So Far

Frequently asked questions

Nobody can guarantee a registered trademark. Anyone can only phonetically and exactly match the name with pre-existing registered/applied trademarks. Even though the presented names stand a very high chance of getting a registered trademark (as you can see from my ever-growing portfolio), Bizonym Consulting doesn’t guarantee that you will get a registered trademark 6-18 months down the line.

From my past experience, I can say that there is a 90% chance that you would be able to finalise a name from the list of presented names. In case you are not happy with the presented names we will have a discussion call and you would receive feedback-based revised-names according to the pricing package you select. 96-97% of the customers are able to finalise a name for their business based on the naming options they receive. The whole intention behind the process is to help you finalize a name for your business but at the same time one cannot promise unlimited revisions.

A lot of hard work and hours go into each naming project. My clients usually don’t ask for a refund. They thoroughly understand that placing an order with Bizonym Consulting is an action that they are performing at their own discretion. I will say it unequivocally – There is no refund policy
So that this situation never arises – A common question that I ask my clients, in the beginning of the project is – What are the top 3 available-business- names you have been able to brainstorm for your business? I take projects only if I think that I can deliver superior/better names.

The pricing packages at Bizonym.com include suggesting names which are available in terms of trademarks, domain names (at base price or premium price), ROC and MCA availability for company registration. You are paying for pronounceable, acquirable and relevant business name suggestions, for more details please go through our briefly explained naming process. Domain is an asset to the organisation, you have to book (and maintain) it from a domain registrar of your choice. The pricing packages do not include company or trademark registration fee.